This is my friend Robin, who came to visit me last week. He got up in the morning and made me breakfast - freshly pressed orange juice, vanilla yoghurt with grapes, scrambled eggs, and pains au chocolat ... staight from the oven. Did I mention I have the best friends in the world?

(The other one is me on the train two days ago ... Because I was bored and it was a long time since I took a self portrait. I had two lovely days in Jönköping, but I don't have the time to tell you right now.)

Tomorrow I'm off to the new school. I don't feel like it at all at the moment, I'm so in love with this apartment and this city and my people ... my home. But I'll be back on Friday, so I'll see you all then.

Beth Orton | Pass in Time

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Camilla said...

Fin i håret!

Skriv gärna till mig och berätta om nya skolan/utbildningen. Man hänger ju inte med.