emil + linda

Since I want to photograph everything that I do, espacially my friends, I always hope to get a few good shots at a wedding. Unfortunately though, a wedding can be the most difficult thing to photograph (if you're not "the photographer") - people everywhere, crowds around the bride and groom, difficult lighting that you can't change. And most of all the fact that I'm to busy looking, smiling, crying, talking to have much time to take pictures.

With all that said, here are a few - basically the only ones I'm happy with - from Linda's and Emil's wedding on Saturday. It was such a beautiful celebration and somehow they managed to get it cozy and personal although there were 130+ guests. Thank you, my dears, I am so immensely happy for you both and so happy to be given the chance to share this day with you!


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Linda said...

Jättefina bilder och fint bety på vår fest. Vi hade en fantastisk dag. Nu är vi hemma i Örebro igen och sitter helt utmattade i vår soffor och preseter över allt... Puh!
Undrar om man kan få några av dina bilder om man ber snällt?
Stor kram!

Kristin said...

kul att du tyckte om dem! och er dag, förstås. klart man kan få några bilder, så fort jag har hunnit, tja, varva ned lite efter flytten till folkis. kram!