spring ball at helsjön

I wasn't even going to go at first, but I think I'm glad I did.

- - -

Something else ... I found out today that I'm not going to get in to a school* that was really really hoping for. I knew I was first on the wait list (or what it's called in English), and I was so sure someone would say no - just that one little no - so that I could get in ... But. Well. They didn't. And I didn't realise before, how much I had actually hoped for it - so much that I had started believing I'd go there ... So I'm rather sad. And I feel so lost, I have no idea what I'm going to do now. So, well, if you have anything nice at all to say to me, now is a great time.

* It's a jazz music program, and a quite good one to. As most of you know, I'm studying to become a singing teacher, but I'm taking mostly classical singing at the university, and I need (and want!) some jazz too. And after my music break this spring, I've been more wanting to sing than ever. But, well.

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Kakans smått å gott said...

Det känns som att det är evigheter sen vi sågs! Vad är det för skola du sökt? Är det verkligen redan försent? Va tråkigt för dig isf.. Det är ju alltid superjobbigt när man har planerat saker i sitt huvud som inte blir av. Men Gud kommer leda dig in på en bra väg, håll bara ögon och öron öppna för honom. Stor kraaaaam!!

katie said...

i have lots of nice things to say about you! :) I am always so amazed by your photographs. It looks like you have such a magical life, it's wonderful to see.

I'm sorry you didn't get into your art program though. Is there any chance someone would still drop out or change their mind?

Kristin said...

both :): I guess there's a minimal chance still. but they only take two, so one of them has to change their mind, and it seems ... well, it does seem rather impossible.

karin: ja, det var alldeles för länge sedan vi sågs! jag hoppas och tror att Gud har en plan som jag inte fattar just nu. :) kram!

katie: thank you, thank you so much, those compliments melted my heart! I'm glad it shows that I sometimes feel my life is magical. :)