raku firing

We did a raku firing the other week. It was the first hot day of the year, it was 25C already and then we spent the whole day in front of a large oven. The process is kind of amazing (and so much fun ... and some sweat), see for yourselves!

(The three round things are the first in a series of about ... thirty, maybe, that I'm doing, a piece for the exhibition. (Although the one that broke is obviously not going to be there, it's to thin to be mended. Raku ware is ridiculously fragile, so I made a couple more than I needed.) Not all circles will be raku fired though, it's too time consuming. The photo shows them right after I took them out of the pot with sawdust - they look quite different when polished, but I'm not showing that until I've got the whole piece done. :))

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sm255 said...

it looks wonderful - what a great way to spend a day. Must feel so great to be a maker of things... I'm looking forward to seeing the whole piece!

Kristin said...

thank you! it was a great way of spending the day indeed. I'm looking forward to it too - in fact I have no idea how the other circles will turn out, ceramics is exciting in that way :)

Fabian said...

Never heard of raku before. You lead an interesting life :)

Kristin said...

fabian, you are such a master of compliments!