skagen pt IV

Last photos from the trip to Skagen.

- - -

On another note: The boyfriend and I broke up a couple of days ago and I am currently staying at my parents'. We are still best friends though, and are thinking about continuing to live together - we do have five rooms after all, and will be at least three people living here (we have been three or four the whole time). I'm not going to discuss the matter more here, obviously, but I wanted to let you know what's going on.

DJ Shadow | Midnight in a Perfect World


karin said...

Har ni gjort slut!? Jag ringer ikväll istället.. Vad kan man säga i ett blogginlägg egentligen? Stor kram så länge!

Kristin said...

ja, vad kan man säga i ett blogginlägg? ganska mycket eller ganska lite ... kram!