Things that are going on ...

+ I broke my year of not buiyng any clothes last Saturday. I'm down to one wearable pair of pants, one pair of shoes, one jacket, one cardigan and five or six tees. So basically I wear the same clothes every day. And I'm getting bored. So that's that, I decided I'm allowed to buy clothes. (So how did my eleven months go? To tell you the truth ... I didn't even notice it. That is how little I care about what I wear. Which makes me pleased.)

+ I'm listening to a lot of songs I have sung at concerts and exams over the years. Everything from Mozart's Alleluia via Your Daddy's Son from Ragtime to Joni Mitchell's A Case of You. And Not Like This by Al Jarreau and Blame it on my youth, and Summer Sun by Koop and and and I need to SING! So I immediately called Gustaf, who was almost as eager as I to play again. I am blessed to have brilliant musicians as friends. And let me tell you, this man is BRILLIANT.

+ May is always crazy busy, and every year it feels like this year is even more so than usual. :) My lack of posting is because: I have lots of stuff to finish at school and an exhibition to prepare, several choir concerts ahead with three different choirs, a trip to Jönköping next weekend, end of school year festivities and general chaos. But it's all happy and welcome and I'm enjoying it all! I just wanted to explain who you'll be seeing so little of me here.

+ I was rickrolled the other day. I loved it. It's just too good.

Plus it immediately led to me rediscovering a cassette tape of "Hits of the 90's". It was a gift from my father which he had bought for me on one of his travels. I was six years old and loved it to pieces (almost literally).

+ I've got things to figure out, but I'm happyhappy :)

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Fabian said...

Great to see you happyhappy :)

- Fabian

Kristin said...

you're sweet! thank you!