I like weekends! Johan and I realised earlier that you never really get the things you had planned for a weekend done - you only get some of the things you had planned for the weekdays, but didn't have time for, done ... But that will have to be fine. It's a luxuty problem, I don't want to complain.

This Saturday has been completely lovely too, of course, as are so many of my days: a long walk alone through Änggårdskolonin earlier today (I was on my way home from thrifting for Christmas presents, and am very proud to say I will be making or thrifting almost all of my gifts this year too. I'll probably never be able to make 100%, but it's good enough for now), then laundry and other home fixing things, and now Viktor and I just got home from a lovely evening with ginger snaps and friends at my cousin's.

I hope you all get to have the good night's sleep that I'm so often blessed with. Good night!

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