rome pt I

Things I learned in Rome:

1. I love singing more than anything in the world. (I knew this, but I always love to be reminded, and I was reminded during this trip, so strongly that I felt like floating, like I could live of singing only.)
2. I am actually very, very good at it. (I only know this sometimes. (Rarely.))
3. Italians drive like mad and their parking is hilarious.
4. Getting to know people is magical.
5. The things I love most about Sweden is the air and the water. The air is so good here that I wanted to drink it when I stepped out of the plane.

There will be MANY Rome photos, whether you like or not. Just so you know. :)


katie said...

oh, i'm so happy to see your rome photos! if you post any of them on tumblr it will be an instant reblog from me. :)

i do agree though. . .the air in Rome is awful. i don't know how people can live there all the time, they must have to go on holiday to the country a lot.

Kristin said...

thank you! like I said, there will be many more. we'll see how many I'll bore my tumblr followers with :)

yeah, it's so weird! last time I was in Italy, I felt it was the same in many cities, Naples and Milan for example. so I'm glad I have the possibility to visit, but I'd never like to stay.