rome, 2006

I didn't bring the camera today since I knew that I'd be tired enough after a whole day in town (was seaching for pants + new bikini + new bra + something-pretty-to-wear-with-said-pants-when-we-go-out-to-dinner-in-Rome and I found it ALL. How amazing is that? It is like a law of the universe that you can't find pants and a bikini on the same day (or the same month, or year). Thanks Hanna for help and moral support!), so I'm sharing some favs from last time I was in Rome, in 2006, as a warmup. :) See you next Friday!

Fatboy Slim | Praise You


Camilla said...

Wow! Allt på samma gång. Det borde faktiskt inte gå. Grattis och ha det så bra!

Kristin said...

ja, det är verkligen helt tokigt! tack så mycket!