Summer days. Having lunch and running errands with my friend Emil. It's windy these days, but I'm used to it; I have lived here all my life. Making plans for the summer. Having time to read. Watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist which was the cutest, most romantic and musical movie I've seen in a long time. Getting lots of compliments on my photography lately; thank you! It means so much to me. The immense relief of getting a diagnosis, finally (it took ten years and four different doctors). Packing for the Rome trip. Feeling safe. Bliss.

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katie said...

Rome! I'm so jealous. I love it there. It can be a really overwhelming city, so my advice to anyone travelling there is to wake up really early and see the sights in the morning, there are less people around and it's so much more enjoyable.

i love that the National song too!

Camilla said...

Tusen grattis till att äntligen ha fått en diagnos! Ses vi i nästa vecka? Hör gärna av dig. Kram!

Kristin said...

katie: I love rome, too! that's a great piece of advice, last time I went we got up at six in the morning to be at st. peter's before everyone else, it was so good. I'm going with my choir this time so I'm not sure how much I get to decide, but we'll see. :)

camilla: tack fina du, och kram!