a marvellous week, yes

I come home from school on a Thursday or Friday and sit down to write a blog post. I start with "it's been another marvellous week!" and then I stop to think - but wait, only this morning I was crying, and on Tuesday I felt like the loneliest person in the world and I have no friends/ that I am the worst singer to ever have tried to sing jazz/ that everyone thinks I'm worthless and no one needs me here. So maybe I should write instead that it's been a difficult week? But wait - it really has been a marvellous week ... Also.

There is a lot more time in each day now, than it was all last year. So many feelings, so much to do, so much to work with, botht he music and the self esteem. And I am so very much in the right place in my life right now.

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Karin said...

You are a marvellous person Kristin - don't doubt that!

Kristin said...

tack! men vilken karin?