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How do I descibe a weekend like this? The wedding of a most beloved friend. I was fortunate enough (I feel like I've been using that phrase a lot lately, have I? It's so appropriate though - I truly am a most fortunate person in so many ways) to spend the whole weekend in Växjö, getting to see Stina and Andreas both the night before and the hours before the wedding. That truly is something special ... Stina calm and smiling and luminous, Andreas giddy and excited and constantly giggling.

They had asked me to sing at the ceremony, which I of course was happy and honored to do (Lisa Ekdahl: Två Lyckliga Dårar). I think it went well, it felt good. And then the dinner and party and general happiness of it all (my favorite may have been the surprise transformation of the Wedding March from Lohengrin into Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line, magnificently sung by Kristian. Or it may have been the "Stina, you may now kiss your husband!"). The weekend also contained lots prayers, good talk and driving in the middle of the night listening to Billie the Vision & the Dancers. Plus I got to stay with the handsome young man in the photo above.

Billie the Vision & the Dancers | Damaging This Apartment

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