vacation in örebro pt I

I'm back from three lovely days in Örebro. I went there to see Linda, and I knew it was going to be great, but I didn't expect to get such a magnificent vacation! Time to talk, time to read, time to think. Time to play outside in the snow!

I've taken tons of photos. I seem to be doing that as of late. One of my favorite quotes is "The best way to have a good ideas is to have many ideas" (Linus Pauling), and I think the same goes for photos, too. I've been photographing like mad this past month (as you may have noticed here in the blog) and I keep liking my photos more and more, which inspires me to take more photos, and so it continues. It's kind of fabulous actually. Recommended!

There'll be more photos from Örebro for sure, later or tomorrow. I'm turning this computer thing off now to do some letter writing and scrapbooking. Perfect for a Sunday like this.

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Linda said...

tack för helgen.
men jag tror jag slappnade av lite väl mycket och börjar odla sjukdom i min kropp. det var längesen jag var sjuk.
ser fram emot fler bilder. så fina!

Kristin said...

tack! fint att du tycker om bilderna. jag tyckte om helgen. det var nog därför de blev bra. (men du, det är bra att slappna av, även om det knuffar fram lite sjukdom som man hade i kroppen.) kram!