true colors

This week has looked a lot like the photo on top. Dull and grey and not a lot of fun. But today I started printing with the pattern I've worked with for a little while and suddenly there was a lot more color in my life (on my hands and clothes, too). And it turned out JUST like I wanted! How often does that happen? (It goes perfectly well with my decision to be proud of everything that I do if I have done my best!) Screen printing = new passion.

Ane Brun | True Colors (if anyone has missed out on this, please, please go see it immediately. It makes me happy happy.)


Camilla said...

Shit vilken fin video!! (Två utropstecken.) Jag blev helt överraskad. Tack för länken!

Kristin said...

visst är den tokfin! jag tittar på den titt som tätt och blir lika glad varje gång. kul att du också gillar den!