walk + photography thoughts

Took a lovely walk (and climb) with a lovely friend last night.

- - -

The photography class I'm taking is seriously brilliant. It's so inspiring, not just about photgraphy, but about my creative work in general, including my singing and well, my everyday life.

The more I research the more inspired I get, and the more inspired I get the more convinced am I that my project idea is going to TOTALLy WORK. And I'm so tired of all my "not good enough" thoughts - the "I have so many friends who are more talented at photography, are they going to laugh at my feeble attempts at something artistic?" and "I'm so boring, this has all been done before" and "why are my ideas so naive and simple when everyone else is working with such complex stuff". I'm sick and tired. I am so proud of my work so far (can't show you just yet, but I will!) and it is complex and rich, to me. Which makes it worth while.

Ola Gjeilo | Michelle

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